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Jerusalem Panorama © 2017

This is the view from the hotel I was staying at, just over the kidron valley, east Jerusalem. It's up there with my favourite views ever! There's so much historically significant architecture within it. The City of David, Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque and the Golden Gate to name a few. What I didn't really know much about before booking the hotel is it's located in a tense Arab district of the city which feels explosive and unsafe most of the time. I was advised not to wander out after dark and in the day it appeared unemployment was high amongst the youth, It felt like another world to west Jerusalem, roads were unmaintained, questions automatically form about some of Jerusalem’s social and economic divides when wandering this neighbourhood. In the foreground is the dense residential architecture of Silwan, the roofs were active spaces used by residents and the satellite dishes, black water tanks and chickens featured heavily in this neighbourhood’s skyline.