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Devil’s Bridge, Ceredigion

Devil’s Bridge to me, represents fresh architectural horizons piled on top of each other in an intricate ad-hoc fashion. You have the mythical first ‘Devil’s Bridge’ built by monks in the 11C and then as time continues there is a physical escalation of bridge building to cater for rapidly evolving transport technologies. The three Bridge’s stand above a dark and deep gorge, forming three horizons with the sky. The bridges all have stories attached to them I particularly enjoy the oldest bridge; According to legend, the lowest bridge was built by the Devil himself to let a local woman rescue her cow which had somehow got to the other side of the gorge. Expecting the woman to walk across to get it, his one condition was that he received the soul of the first living creature to cross the bridge. However, he was tricked by the lady who got her pet dog to run across first - thus leaving their Devil with a soul of a dog! More conventional wisdom says that it's in fact an 11th Century Bridge built by the monks of Strata Florida.

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